Doing work on your home is always exciting, however you will need to make sure that everything is being done to the highest standards. If you are refurbishing all or part of your home at the moment then our team might be able to help you. We have a huge amount of experience with refurbishments, meaning that we can advise you about the best way to do many things. This means that you can look forward to high quality, well-planned work from us, and this is certain to change the way you feel about your home as a whole.


Once you have decided that you would like to have an extension built, you are sure to want to be able to make the most of it as soon as possible. With this being true, you need to make sure that all of the new electrics have been connected, and our team can help you with exactly this. No matter what your new space is going to be used for, we can make sure that everything is as it should be, and connected properly. You will then know that everything is sorted and the room can be used, so get in touch to find out how we can help.

Shop Fitting

If you are thinking about opening up a new store in the near future, you will want the whole space to be exactly the way that you need it to be. With this being true, our shop fitting service is just what you need. We have lots of experience of working with different kinds of businesses and layouts, and this means that you can be sure that your shop will be fitted in an ideal way for your needs. If you would like to hear more about what we can do for your business, just contact us and we would be happy to help you.


A renovation project is certainly something to get your teeth into, and you are sure to love the idea that you can really make a mark on the property that you own. However, not many people have the skills needed to do all of this on their own, and that’s where we come in. Our expert team are able to help you with many aspects of renovation work, meaning that you can guide us with the design that you have in mind and we can bring it to life. For a renovation that you will be thrilled with, contact us today.

New Builds

Buying a home is a huge step in life, but this can be even more the case if you have designed and built it yourself. Our new build team are on hand, with a huge amount of experience and skill in house building to help. We can discuss all of the options that are open to you, and can make a plan for the land you have available that will suit your needs perfectly. Nothing is like walking into your own home and knowing that it has been built just for you, so if you would like this feeling, get in touch with us today.

Joinery & Carpentry

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke wardrobe or just need a simple alteration to your internal doors, we can help. We use skillful and experienced joiners and carpenters so you can be assured that the job/project is completed efficiently and to the highest of quality. If you use our services for a new home build, an extension or a renovation, we have joiners and carpenters on hand to take care of things for you.

Garage Conversions

If you have decided that you would like your garage converted, you will be looking forward to having some extra space, however you need to make sure that you have everything related to your electrics dealt with so that the new extension is fully functional. Our team have the skills to do this, and we can make sure that everything is working for you in the best possible way. If you would like to make the most of our skills to get your conversion electrics sorted, get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about what we can do.

Loft Conversions

If you are trying to think of different ways to make more of your home without having to move, then a loft conversion could be the ideal thing for your needs. This means that you can make more of the space you have in your loft, which can then be used for something useful. Our team have the experience of working on this kind of conversion, with excellent results in the past, so you can be certain that we know exactly what you need. For more information about the conversion we could create for you, contact our team today to have a chat.


Letting out a property leaves you with a great responsibility of making sure that everything is taken care of at all times, and this includes any tiling that needs to be done. It can detract from the property if there is something wrong with your tiling, and this means you should always repair any issues. Our team can help you with this, as we have the skills needed to deal with lots of types of tiling. This is a service that will make a big difference to your property as a whole, so make the most of it by getting in touch with us and asking for a quote.

Domestic & Commercial Properties

We are happy to help with both Domestic and Commercial properties, and have many years of experience dealing with both, no matter how big the project may be. We work hard to ensure that we provide a high quality finish to each project we start, and have a number of experienced, skilled tradesmen who are on hand to assist with the job. We will always consult you about your requirements and specifications to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you are interested or would like some advice about your Domestic or Commercial property, please contact us today.


Plastering is a skill, and if you attempt it without having the information and knowledge of how it’s done, then you run the risk of making a mess of the whole job. With this being the case, our plastering team have all of the skills that you need to do a great job. We know exactly how much plaster to use and how long it will take to dry, meaning that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Our team could help you to transform the room that you’re working in, so if you want to make the most of our skills, just get in touch with us as soon as you can.


Why not make good use of that space in your loft or garage? We can offer practical storage solutions, new bathrooms, or let us know what plans you have for your conversion and we can look into your options for you. Conversions are also a great way to add value to your home - so please contact us today if you are planning on a conversion.

Barn Conversions

If you have a barn, then you may have decided that you would like to make more of the space, and turn it into either an added part of your home, or another building entirely. If this is something that you would like to do, then you are sure to like the skills of our barn conversion team, as we can create the perfect space for you. We can deal with every aspect of the conversion for you, meaning there’s nothing to worry about, so contact us to find out exactly what we could do to transform your barn into something special.


Having decking in your outdoor space is something that has become more popular in recent years, and this means that you might be considering making the most of it for yourself. However, you will need to be sure that you have a team of professionals on hand who can do this for you, and our team are ideal in this respect. We can make sure that your decking is fitted perfectly, meaning that it will look great and you can be sure that it will last for a long time to come. Just give us a call if you would like to make the most of our services.